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Heifer growth targets

In seasonal / split calving herds, mating start date and planned start of calving are fixed calendar dates.

Underweight heifers are at a higher risk of reduced production, fertility and longevity.
Routine weighing allows early identification of heifers falling below target weight.
This allows forward feed planning of different heifer groups with respect to the season ahead and feed availability.
Wither height is a good measure of bone growth and frame size in heifers. Frame size can influence ease of calving and appetite of milking cows.


  • At first mating, heifers should weigh 60% of their mature body weight and measure 87% of mature wither height.
  • At first calving, heifers should weigh 94% of their mature body weight and 95% of mature wither height.

Select a typical mature cows’ average weight and height, and your chosen age at first calving and develop targets for first-mating and first calving.

For example, if the average mature cow in the herd is 600kg, a heifer should be first mated at 360kg and first calving at 564kg.

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